A Smart System To Get Your Pet Home
If Your Pet Is Ever Lost or Stolen Our Pet Tag Can Help You Get Them Back!
Did you know 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime?  This is why we developed an innovative pet tag to help you get your pet back whether they are lost or stolen.
Our pet tag uses a small $100 reward ( which we pay, not you ) along with basic human psychology to get a person to return your pet to you instead of keeping or selling him or her. We track the IP Address of the person who accessed your pet's file.
Step #1 - The REWARD
The Problem
Your pet is missing so you print
and hang REWARD flyers.
Our Solution
Place the REWARD on your pet so that
anyone who finds them will see it!
Now for the BEST Part!   WE PAY THE REWARD, NOT YOU!
That's right, when your pet has a ZPet Tag our company will actually pay
the REWARD for the safe return of your lost or stolen pet!
Step #2 - The PSYCHOLOGY
The Problem : How do you get someone to return your pet when they can sell it for much more?
Our Solution: Change the value of your pet.  To accomplish this your pet will have TWO VERY DIFFERENT profiles in our system.
Profile #1
you set up for your pet.
This File Might Prompt
Someone To Keep or
Sale Your Pet!
Profile #2
WE set up to help you to get your pet back.
This File Would Most
Likely Get Your Pet
Returned To You!
Step #3 - The TRACKING
When you change your pets profile from a Standard Profile to a Tracking Profile we will capture and send you the IP address of anyone who accesses your pets information.  This will allow you to immediately know that someone has your pet in their possession.  Armed with this information you can give the IP address to the police who can use it to find your pet or you can pay a service to provide you with the physical address of the person in possession of your pet!  Either way this certainly beats hanging flyers on telephone poles!
Why Does Our Tracking File Work
Our ZPet Tags work because the person who finds your pet will want to know the details of the new animal they are bringing into their home.  The moment they type in your pet's ID number you will have all of the information you need to bring your pet home! No other pet tag in the world can do this for you!
The TRACKING FILE does not contain your pet's name
If your pet's name is on his tag, you've just given the wrong people a way to get on the right side of your pet. It allows them to call your pet by name in a voice which makes your pet think they're OK when they're really not.
The TRACKING FILE indicates that there is a $100 reward
The reward is designed to get the person's attention while giving them another reason to do the right thing and return your pet.
The TRACKING FILE indicates your pet has medical issues
This changes everything in your favor.  We purposely did not put any specific medical issues because not knowing exactly what is wrong may be enough to make any bad guy that picked your pet up drop him off at the next corner.
The TRACKING FILE indicates your pet needs EXPENSIVE medications
Most people who may have been thinking of keeping your pet will most likely change their minds when they see that it will be expensive to do so.
The TRACKING FILE indicates your pet has an embedded microchip
Thinking your pet has a microchip whether they do or not is great because it limits their options.  The goal is simply to use human nature to get your pet back whether they were lost or stolen!
If your pet becomes missing simply login to their profile and select the Tracking File button.  Now anyone looking up your pet's information will now see the TRACKING file that we created.
Once your pet has been returned simply unselect the Tracking File button to return your pet's file back to normal.  Now you and your Vet can use it to keep track of your pet's real information.
5 - ZPet Tags with
1 Year of File Storage
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