A Smart System To Get Your Pet Home
ZPet Tags for Veterinarians
Promote your practice, clinic or hospital!
Pet safety is very important to your customers!  ZPetTags has created Custom Tags to provide the pets of your customers with the best care possible in the event they are injured or become lost.  You can now easily profit from adding our Custom Tags to your practice, clinic or hospital.
Custom Packaging
Front of Tag
Back of Tag
Branded To Your
Benefits of Our ZPet Tags for Your Business:
* $100 company backed REWARD for any pet wearing our pet tag
* FREE custom design for your practice, clinic or hospital
* Places your contact information on each pet you care for
* Promotes your clinic, practice or hospital to the pet's entire family
* Helps your customers to maintain their pet's information
* QR Code that allows for fast access to your patients information
* Helps your customers to add an additional REWARD if their pet is lost
* The important files travel with the pet where ever they go
* Allows you or your clinic to generate a profit with each sale
* Allows you or your clinic to earn a residual income on each pet
* ZPet Tags have up to a 100% retail markup with an annual renewal
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